A celebration of the life, Amazing Aquariums & Reefs is more than just a fish store. It is foundation created for the discerning aquarist who seeks the wonderment of the living reef in the comfort of one's own home. An environment of excellence, filled with a myriad of dazzling underwater creatures, each and everyone prides on not only its beauty - but its soundness of health. Amazing Aquariums & Reefs provides unique, eclectic goods for the saltwater aquaria, at reasonable prices for all conscientious consumers to enjoy.
Amazing Aquariums & Reefs will inform, inspire and show you, our customer, how to create an expression of yourself within your home via the essence of the tropical reefs. Through custom services, smart pricing and a sense of trust, it is our desire that you will look to us as your valued resource to achieve your personal - ultimate reef aquarium. It is our promise you will be greeted with a friendly, knowledgeable and down-to-Earth staff, which will be happy to assist you in reaching your aquatic goals.

We have carefully and strategically chosen to stock our store with only products that are truly effective. Unfortunately, in a “salesmen’s world” we are often exposed to fad products and gimmicks that simply do not work. We pride ourselves on being different. We will never carry bogus high margin products just to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting customers. This is not the way business should be conducted. We will never insult the intelligence of our customers by providing them with false information in order to make a sale. We wholeheartedly believe that by helping our customers reach their aquatic goals in an honest, friendly and ethical manner, they will kindly reward us with their business and friendship.
Amazing Aquariums & Reefs
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