Amazing Aquariums & Reefs carries an enchanting assortment of tropical marine life. From highly sought after exotic fish, rare and mesmerizing living coral to efficient reef clean-up invertebrates.
Our specialty is and always will be, the exotics. Our close relations with suppliers enables us to import animals from many breathtaking locations including; Vanuatu, Australia, Tonga, Japan, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Jakarta, Maldives, Cebu, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, Hawaii, Timor, Marshall Islands, Flores, Ponphei, Kupang, Red Sea, Cook Islands, Mauritius and more. We pay our suppliers on time, every time. We go out of our way to make their job easier for them and in exchange they reward us with a fresh and consistent supply of amazing reef life.
Amazing Aquariums & Reefs carries an extensive assortment of the essentials of reef husbandry, including nutritious foods, life-saving reef additives, energy efficient protein skimmers, powerful circulation devices and lighting that replicate high noon over the coast of Fiji. Due to our close relationships with suppliers, we have the ability to provide our customers with anything they want with an incredibly fast turnaround time. Tunze, Sunlight Supply, Elos, Euroreef, Tropic Marin, Korallin, Eheim, Aquarium Systems, Hydor, Salifert, Kent Marine, Salifert, Sequence, Fauna Marin, Oceanic, JBJ, Sgfilgoi, Ocean Nutrition and more.
Whether you’re seeking a huge ‘Amazing Aquarium’ or just a small ‘Amazing Aquarium’ for your lobby or waiting room, contact us to make it a reality. We will do the initial set-up of some dazzling yet easy to maintain systems. Setting up a saltwater aquarium properly from the start will help out tremendously in keeping future maintenance costs low while simultaneously ensuring a clean, classy and gorgeous aquarium for your customers and clients to enjoy