Vanuatu Mystery Wrasses, Solomon Island Onyx Perculas pairs, Flame Hawk trios, exotic pygmy Angels and Anthias, we have them all. We hand-select and carefully choose only the choicest fish. We also specialize in cool little uncommon blennies, gobies, cardinals and fairy wrasses. We always have in stock an ample supply of healthy, vibrant reef-safe fish, which are fed frozen mysis shrimp and Spectrum Pellets twice a day to ensure optimal health and full tummies.

Additionally, we take pride in never purchasing fish that are not suited for captivity. We select and sell fish that are proven to do well within the realm of the home aquaria. These animals have literally given up their lives for the sake of our enjoyment and education. We owe it to them to provide them with optimal housing conditions in which they can thrive. It’s the least we can do.